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one tiny step for hands, one giant leap for mankind.

hey friends. we fully admit that we make a stupid website with dumb pictures, so it’s absolutely not in our place to force anything political on the folks who have been so supportive of our weird blog. that said, the offensive, absurd and puzzling statements by elected officials/candidates and prominent political figures in recent months about what must be one of the most traumatic and terrible things to happen to a human being have been difficult to ignore.

this country was built on the principle that while all of us can have differing viewpoints, we still maintain respect for each other and the human experience as a whole, not just the experience of people within our circle who share our beliefs. those differences in opinion should move us towards intelligent dialogue and reasonable legislation that respects everyone, not just people who agree with us politically or theologically.

there are so many important issues at stake in this upcoming election, but the greater choice we need to make is whether we’re okay with electing people who cannot empathize with and understand others, or make informed and responsible decisions based on the needs and voices of those who are not heard on television or in the newspaper.

at the end of the day, that’s what this country is all about- electing public servants who comprehend and represent the values and needs of all of us everyday folks. and within every important issue in this election runs this common question- who can relate to, understand, respect, and represent us— all of us— to help make this country a better place?

so when the people above say what they say, and are supported by others in their party, are these really our values? are these the people we want to drive the national conversation about the rights of people who find themselves in such a challenging circumstance? are we okay with a political agenda that abandons people in their time of need and denies them the right to make choices that only someone faced with that terrible situation could possibly understand? aren’t we better than that?

if you think we deserve better than this please take the time to inform yourself, and no matter what conclusion you draw, make sure to vote on or before november 6th for the people you feel share your values and your vision for the future. your voice and opinion matters, so make it heard.

respectfully, your friends at oth

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